Unverified With SourceEdit

Unverified Bug 2

  •  Just encountered a bug where one of my mercs got hit by a Dark Gate from a Specter that caused silence. Except instead it permanently stunned the character (perhaps because he had a skill action queued when he got hit?) It was a long fight against Oberon and my merc ended up accumulating so many status enhancements that it ended up crashing the battle (don't know if that's what crashed it but the battle crashed for some reason). (Source)
  • I was in Figaro's ability menu when he got stunned. The menu was still open and I accidentally used his War Cry. Maybe it was because he had a HoT on him, but he instantly healed to full and was stunned for the entire duration of the fight (no inputs or autoattacks or turns). No matter what damage was done to him, he would instantly heal back to full health. His buffs/debuffs would accumulate but would not fall off. Eventually the game crashed when he had more buffs than the game could handle. It was a fight against Kaine but I don't think that matters. (Source) BONUS: If you cleanse the effect, the character will not be stunned BUT CONTINUE TO HEAL TO FULL for the rest of the fight.
  • I can confirm permanent stun (happened in the Arena for me), but I don't know why. (Source)

Condensed: * For some unknown reason, sometimes buffs/debuffs stay in effect permanently, including Stun and Health Regen. Non-provoke and non-health regen buffs/debuffs can be cleared using Alexander's Power. If too many buffs/debuffs accummulate on a hero or merc, the game may crash. (Source)

Verified With SourceEdit

Unverified Bug 1

Lizard Warrior had provoke on himself, died, got resurrected by a Melusine and still had the provoke buff over his head. (Source) (I have experiences a similar situation, where Yuna's heal regen was on my merc, it died, and was revived by Melusine and the buff was still there. I think this "dead buff" effect only works for the weird "buffs" Provoke and Health Regen) (Source)

Condensed: * Provoke and Health Regen remain in effect if a merc dies with them and is then revived. (Source + Method)

Unverified Bug 3

  • The Passive Skill 'Will to Survive' claims to increase the Defense by a percentage (30% for level 1), but actually increases the Defense by that amount (30 points for level 1). (At least for Pandora's Box boss in the Energy Temple, who has level 5, which is 38 points instead of 38%).

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