Now that you've finished the tutorial (or crashed like I did), it's time to quickly go over every feature of the main menu! Clicking the "?" beside the chat box will give you an explanation of what each button is, so if you don't want to read about things in-depth, skip ahead.


Top Area

Spanning across the top of your screen are the following:

  • AP Counter
    • This is how much AP you have. AP is required for entering Battlefield stages and fighting in the Arena.
    • Pressing the [+] when you're not at max AP will give you the option to recharge your AP using Star Crystals.
    • The numbers directly under your AP counter (in green) represent the amount of time left before you recover 1 AP.
  • Gold Amount
    • This is how much gold you have. Pressing the [+] will bring up the Gold Shop.
  • Available Star Crystals
    • This shows how many Star Crystals you have. Pressing the [+] will bring
  • Chat Box
    • This box displays the most recent message. Clicking it will expand the chat.
  • Honor Medal Counter
    • This shows how many Honor Medals you currently have.

Left Side

On the left side are four buttons:

  • Hero
    • The Hero menu allows you to check your stats, level your skills, learn new skills, and switch between Heroes.
  • Mercs
    • The Mercs menu will let you level up, evolve, and dismiss your mercenaries.
    • You can lock/unlock mercenaries by holding down on them. Locking mercenaries prevents them from being dismissed or used in the evolution of other mercs.
  • Recruit
  • Items & Shop
    • You can access the various shops on this screen, as well as use items you've collected.

Right Side

On the right side are five buttons:

Bottom Area

At the bottom there are four buttons:


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