While you've been slashing your way through battles, you may (or may not) have picked up a few Stat Cards. What are they for? How should you use them?! So many questions!!

Obtaining Stat CardsEdit

Stat Cards are randomly dropped in battle and, as far as I know, no specific stage is best for farming them -- don't concentrate on them and they'll show up..!

How to UseEdit

To upgrade a mercenary's stats:

  • Go to the Mercs menu.
  • Select the mercenary you wish to enhance.
  • Click "Enhance Stat" on the bottom left.
  • Select the card you want to use and press "Use".
  • Note: Stat enhancements carry over when the mercenary evolves. For more information, check Thread:4937!

To upgrade a hero's stats:

  • Go to the Hero menu.
  • Switch to the Hero you want to enhance.
  • Click "Enhance Stats".
  • Select the card you want to use and press "Use".

Enhanced Stat LimitEdit

You can use as many stat cards as you'd like until you hit the following amounts:

  • +2500 HP
  • +100 SP
  • +600 STR
  • +300 DEF
  • +400 INT
  • +300 RES
  • +100 MOV

(Using only low-tier cards, it would take 100 of each stat card to max out all stats on one character!)

Enhancing Heroes vs MercsEdit

This is a decision you have to make on your own. If you plan to play every Hero and want to just switch back and forth between them, pumping cards into your mercenaries would be a good idea. Similarly, if you plan to replace your mercenaries, it'd be better to use cards on your hero instead.

Bonus: "Should I use INT cards on _____?"Edit

INT affects all skill damage and recovery amounts, so pumping them into someone like your Furian would be beneficial! You can read more about each stat on the Stats page. Here's a short run-through:

  • STR affects your auto-attack damage.
  • INT affects skill damage and increases the amount you heal.
  • SP affects how fast your cooldowns are.
  • MOV affects how often you auto-attack.
  • DEF affects how much auto-attack damage you take (more DEF = less damage taken).
  • RES affects how much skill damage you take. (more RES = less damage taken)

For even more coolio math-y stuff, check out the Combat Math page!


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