One feature of Brave Brigade is the merc skill up system, wherein mercenaries can level up their skills to become more powerful. These skills max out at Level 10.

How to Skill UpEdit

Merc Skill Up 2

Gotta get that Merry Christmas Level 10!!!

To skill up a merc's skills, go to your merc roster and select the merc whose skills you want to level up. Click the Merc Skill Up button in the bottom right corner. A new window will pop up with five empty slots to the right. You can select up to five identical mercs to be used as sacrificial skill up fodder. Once you press Fuse, these five sacrificial mercs will be destroyed and the selected merc will randomly level up skills equal to the number of sacrifices. If you sacrifice one identical merc, one skill level will be applied randomly. If you sacrifice five mercs, then five skill levels will randomly be applied to your skills. You cannot pick which skill levels up.

You may also use mercs from the Bitter Root line to level up merc skills, but you need the merc of the same star rank to skill up a merc (i.e. a 5-Star Merc requires Old Ginseng). Bonuses may be awarded for using root mercs.

There is no difference whether you pick five sacrifices to fuse at a time or fuse one by one. A maxed skill (Level 10) will not be chosen as part of one of the random skills to increase in level. If you use more mercs than necessary to completely max out all skills, those mercs will be wasted.


Each merc used to skill up costs gold depending on the rank and the max level of the merc.

Rank Level 25 Level 35 Level 45 Level 60 Level 80 Level 99
1 125 Gold 175 Gold - - - -
2 250 Gold 350 Gold 450 Gold - - -
3 - 525 Gold 675 Gold 900 Gold - -
4 - - - 1200 Gold 1600 Gold 1980 Gold
5 - - - - 2000 Gold 2475 Gold
6 - - - - - 2970 Gold

Common QuestionsEdit

  • Why can't I skill up my mercenary when I have the identical mercs or roots?
    • Make sure the mercs you are fusing are unlocked or they won't appear in the fuse window. Also, make sure you have enough gold to pay for the skill ups.
  • If my mercenary evolves, does it keep all of its skill levels?'
    • When a merc evolves, it only keeps the skill levels for skills they previously had. If the new merc loses a skill upon evolving, you will not keep those levels. The new skills will be at Level 1. For example, when evolving Titania to Oberon, she loses Purify Prayer and learns Holy Blessing and Resurrection. Any levels of Purify Prayer do not carry over and her new skills will be at Level 1.
  • Can I skill up my mercenary with both identical mercs and roots at the same time?
    • Yep! You can use any combination of identical mercs and roots. Just know the most you can use at a time is five.
  • How do I figure out how to max skill my mercenary?

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