Gold is a very precious resource and is required to do a lot of things. A very common question, then, is how to get gold quickly? How can you fill your piggy bank?!

Fastest answer would be to just play the game, but I'm sure most people come here to get a more specific/better response.

Stage Farming

At the moment, the only way to earn gold (without buying it) is to fight for it -- either in the Arena, or the Battlefield. Since most of us don't plan on using the Arena as a source of income, the only choice is to run stages, then. To farm gold, just run one stage over and over again.

If you have Honor Medals to expend, do any of the following:

If you don't have Honor Medals:

Additional Tips & Notes

  • Find a stage that you can run on A.I. mode -- this'll allow you to do other things while your character's making money!
  • While some stages might look like they'd be good to run, keep in mind how difficult the stage might be to you, along with the time it takes to complete the stage.

Buying Gold

(You've gotta spend money to make money!)

The easiest way to get gold would be to buy it from the Gold Shop, but that requires Star Crystals and can be pretty costly. Investing in heroes and mercenaries is typically a better idea, but if you have money to spend, go for it!


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