Duration: August 29, 5:00 PM PDT - September 1, 11:59 PM PDT

Event 1Edit

Event 2Edit

  • On August 30 and September 1 (all day), all stages will give 1.5x gold.
    • This stacks with the 5x gold from Event 1, resulting in 7.5x gold from world boss stages.

Event 3Edit


Reward notification.

  • All players who compete in the Arena at least 4 times a day or 15 times in total will receive 15 Random Star Packs.
    • The original post said "dungeon" instead of "arena". The post has been fixed on Facebook.
    • Star packs will reward 1 - 10 Star Crystals when used.
    • Prizes were sent out on September 2.

Facebook PostEdit

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