This topic deserves its own page, since we see tons of people stuck in stages like Snake Temple 6 and Snowblooms all the time. Hopefully, these tips will help get you through that one battle you've been working on for nearly an hour because of those darned healers.
(Replace the period with two exclamation marks to stay true to the title!)


First off, if you don't think you're getting anywhere, leave the stage by pressing the "Pause" button in the top right, then "Escape". Don't return until you think you're ready to tackle the stage again! It'll save you the grief and agony, I promise.

  • Use People!
    • Pardon the rude title -- I just thought it would be more appealing (and much shorter) than "make some friends and borrow them for the sake of getting through a stage".
    • This game features a friend system that you should definitely take advantage of. The easiest way to get through a stage you're stuck on would be to find a player who has a leader skill that would be helpful to you. Famirae has ATK Enhance, and Stuart has Support Enhance. Both of these skills will boost the power of your Attackers and the SP regen of your Supporters.
    • (If you're shy, this probably won't work for you. The chat is generally full of kind people, though -- just be humble about it.)
  • Level Up!
    • Revisit past stages to level, and upgrade your mercenaries using gems. If you're severely underleveled, you're going to run into problems in the future as well -- not just this single stage. If you're not sure where to level up, check the Battlefield EXP Table page.
  • Skill Up Your Mercs!
    • Skill ups provide a lot more additional damage to your merc skills. If you have a Crow, skill up Dishearten to level 10. If you have a Harpy, skill up Vital Strike. Do this for every merc that you have that has an attack skill.


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