This page is not official, nor based on up-to-date/real-time information. The rankings listed here are based on whatever information can be gathered through friend lists and the in-game chat feature!

Please notify Arcelle through the Wiki or in-game if you know anyone missing from the page.

Hall of FameEdit

In this section is a list of players that hit max level, in order.

Date Username Character
07/01/14 Kraken Furian
07/03/14 God Yasmin
07/06/14 Kraken Yasmin
07/07/14 Anthropic Stuart
07/10/14 Raftclans Furian
07/11/14 Kraken Adelia
07/11/14 DarkTea Adelia
07/13/14 Chris Furian
07/15/14 Arcelle Adelia
07/20/14 Cupids Stuart
07/21/14 Saqa Furian
07/23/14 Lawx3 Figaro

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