In the beginning, it's super easy to level up -- your AP is almost always full, and stages are relatively easy to breeze through. As you progress, however, you might find areas which take forever to clear (Snake Temple, Snowblooms, and Oasis Queen come to mind), leaving you wishing you were a higher level.

Benefits of Level Ups

Aside from being moved into higher Arena brackets, there aren't really any downfalls to leveling up.

Level ups will:

  • Increase your hero's stats
  • Refill your AP
  • Increase your max AP every few levels
    • AP is shared between all heroes!
  • Increase the number of battle items you can use
    • Every few levels, the count increases by one
    • For example, at the beginning, you can bring 1 Recovery Pill (S), 1 Recovery Pill (M), and 1 Recovery Pill (L). After a few levels, you'll be able to bring 2 of each item -- this increases up to a maximum of 5.

Where Do I Train?!

As mentioned in the Making Gold page, the Battlefield EXP Table shows EXP:AP ratios, along with the amount of experience rewarded from each stage.

In general, stages 2 and 8 tend to have good EXP:AP ratios. Additionally, secret stages with multiple waves (1-6-10, 2-5-10, 3-4-10, 3-6-10, and 4-3-10) tend to give nice amounts of experience.

Check out the Battlefield EXP Table! (please!!)

Low on AP?

There are a few things you could do if you've run out of AP:


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