For this you only need 1 thing: Another email address!!!!! (along with basic knowledge of your device)

Step 1: Disconnect your current email account from Brave Brigade. This can be done easily within the options menu.

Step 2: Clear your Brave Brigade cache. Don't know how? I will show you. (: First access your Android's task manager (be it phone, tablet or other device). Find your Brave Brigade program among the list of installed programs. Do not uninstall the program because it is unnecessary. Within the submenu you will have a few options among which will be the clear cache option. Choose that one.

Step 3: The final step!!! Start your Brave Brigade program. Login with the other email you have and you are ready to start over.

NOTE: this method does not delete the previous account, nor does it save the friends, achievements or anything associated with the previous account. That is all saved with the first email you used and if you want to go back to that account simply follow the steps again and choose the email associated with that account.

I apologize for the pictures if they are blurry i used my phone to screen shot them and they may be distorted from me enlarging them for the visually impaired. After looking at them we may seem visually impaired but it only lasts a few minutes i promise. (:

Look for me in game: gina2245


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