Possibly the most important aspect of the game (aside from your leader and yourself, teehee), mercenaries are units who fight alongside you in battle. The stronger your mercenaries, the easier battles will be!

Methods of Obtaining Mercs

There are a few ways to find new mercenaries:

Since all the information is already in their respective pages, just click on the links to find out more!

tl;dr versions!



  • You can recruit mercs using gold, Honor Medals, Vouchers, Star Crystals, or Star Vouchers.
  • General recruitment cost either 3000 gold, 30 Honor Medals, or 1 Voucher, and will give you a random mercenary with a ranking between 1- and 4-stars.
  • Star recruitments cost either 30 Star Crystals or 1 Star Voucher, and will give you a random mercenary with a ranking between 3- and 6-stars.
    • Your first star recruitment will always cost 30 Star Crystals. If you do consecutive recruits, they'll be discounted at 25 Star Crystals per pull.
    • If you're patient, save up 130 Star Crystals before recruiting! 130 Star Crystals means you can pull 5 times, giving you a Star Voucher.
      • (You get 1 Star Voucher for every 5 paid Star Recruits you do.)


No tl;dr for this -- go read the Evolution page!
(It's worth it..!)


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