Mercenaries gain experience when fed gems. The amount of experience required for a mercenary to level up depends on the mercenary's growth multiplier -- not necessarily their rank.

  • Yuna has a 0.8 multiplier:
    (base experience)*(0.8)
  • In order for Yuna to level from 11 to 12, she will need:
    (410)*(0.8)=328 EXP


There is a spreadsheet that calculates how much experience and how many gems you need to reach a certain or max level here.

To use it, simply enter the name of the mercenary, the current level, current EXP to the next level, and the desired level. You can leave desired level blank if you want max level, which is already calculated.

Mercenary EXP TablesEdit

Click the multiplier to view its respective table.
Some values may be off by 1 due to rounding.

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