When at max capacity, the mercenary list cannot support any additional mercs, leaving you unable to capture or recruit. To remedy this, you can dismiss unneeded mercenaries to make some space for new ones.

How to DismissEdit

Dismiss 1

Confirmation screen.

Dismiss 2

You will receive 1 - 3 gems for each merc you dismiss.

  • Go to the Mercenary screen (Main Menu -> Mercs).
  • Press the Dismiss button.
  • Select all the mercs you want to dismiss.
  • Press "Confirm" in the new window.


When you dismiss a merc, you will receive 1 - 3 gems of the same type as the mercenary being dismissed:

The tier of the gem is dependent on the rank of the mercenary being dismissed.

  • 1-Star - Dull
  • 2-Star - Fair
  • 3-Star - Normal
  • 4-Star - Bright
  • 5-Star - Grand
  • 6-Star - Grand or Mythic (Mythic is not guaranteed and you can only obtain one, unlike the other tiers)


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