Deep Mine

Yuna how it's done...


Deep Mine is an activity that can be accessed to the left of the Boss Raid icon in the main menu. It has two charges with a 60 minute cooldown and costs 0 AP to enter. However, you still need some AP to enter, which depends on the AP requirement of the last activity you did. For example, if the last stage costed 10 AP, you will require at least 10 AP to enter. The goal is to tap the big ore surrounded by your team and break it as fast as possible. The faster you tap, the more damage your team will do. You can also bring a friend who will deal massive damage to the ore when you click on him or her when he or she shouts "Right Now!". When the ore starts to break, items will fly out. Make sure you tap on these items to collect them as these are your only rewards in this activity. You can receive them by successfully destroying the ore or by quitting.


Deep Mine Victory

Yay loot!

While breaking the ore, any of the following items can appear:

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