Brave Brigade uses four different types of currency: Gold, Honor Medals, Star Crystals, and Mileage Points.


Gold is the most basic form of coinage used in Brave Brigade and is used for things such as:

Gold can be obtained by:

Honor MedalsEdit

Honor Medals are used for:

Honor Medals can be obtained by:

  • Being used by friends in battle
  • Participating in Arena matches

Star CrystalsEdit

Star Crystals are the most valuable form of currency in Brave Brigade and can be used for the following:

Star Crystals are obtained by:

  • Completing battles on the Battlefield
    • Clearing a stage with a 3-star rating for the first time will give you 1 Star Crystal.
    • Unlocking a new area will give you 3 Star Crystals
    • Unlocking a new map / battlefield will give you 10 Star Crystals
    • The first time you complete a Secret Stage each day, you receive a Random Star Box
  • Completing some quests and achievements
  • Purchasing Star Crystals through the Star Shop
  • Participating in a successful Boss Raid

Mileage Points (REMOVED AS OF 2/11/2015)Edit

Mileage Points are awarded for playing the game daily -- upon logging in for the first time each day, you are given one Mileage Point. Mileage Points can be spent on items in the Mileage Shop.

Obtaining MileageEdit

  • You get 1 point each day for logging in.
  • Buying Star Crystals will give you Mileage in a 1:1 Mileage:USD ratio:
    • 1600 Star Crystal Purchase = 99 Mileage Points
    • 700 Star Crystal Purchase = 49 Mileage Points
  • The Starter Pack contains a Moon Fragment 100, which gives 100 Mileage when used.
  • For every day past the 10th, you will receive 10 Mileage Points from the 10 Days of Brave Brigade event.