One feature of Brave Brigade is the chat system -- a way for players to communicate with one another. The chat box is accessible from almost every window (including during battle), and is initially minimized in the top right of the screen. Clicking on the minimized chat box will enlarge it, allowing you to view previous messages, as well as enter your own message.


Sending a MessageEdit

To send a message, click on the "tap here to chat!" area, enter some text, and then press "Send". Your message will be viewable by everyone else in the channel, so take care not to be offensive!


The Brave Brigade chat system supports multiple chat channels which can be freely switched between. Note that you can only view messages sent in your channel, so if everyone's on channel 1 while you're on channel 2, you're not going to be seeing much.

To switch/change channels, click on the number to the left of the "Channel" button to bring up your keyboard. Enter any valid number, and then press "Channel" to switch to the channel you entered. A message will appear in the chat box, saying you've connected to a new channel.


Above the chat box is a box which displays messages from the Announcements, Merc Alert, and Events Channel tabs.

Merc AlertEdit

Whenever someone recruits, captures, or evolves a mercenary, a message will appear to inform other players of the feat. Not every mercenary obtained will appear in the alert -- only 5-star, 6-star, and some 4-star mercenaries will have announcements made for them!


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