Boss Raid 2

Abyssal Ogre, aaah.

  • You cannot bring a friend into battle with you.
  • The boss has an extremely high health pool that is shared between all players in a bracket.
  • Items can be used.
  • Boss Raids cost AP to enter, and the amount required depends on which bracket you're in.
  • Mercenaries do not lose LP in this mode.
  • Ranking is determined by how much damage you've contributed to the battle.

Active TimesEdit

  • Boss Raids are currently available on THURSDAY...


Below are the stats for the Boss(es).

Abyssal Ogre
Health Single Target - Smash Area of Effect - Smash Area of Effect - Poison (%) Defense Resistance
624,463,841 14615 6075-6159 4774 (26-29%) 0 0
  • The (%) refers to the % damage done by poison each turn.
  • Defense and Resistance are how much damage the boss mitigates from your autoattacks and skills. If your total damage minus this value is 1 or less, then you will do 1 damage instead. See Combat Math for details.
  • The Abyssal Ogre is immune to all debuffs except bleeds.

Strategy & TipsEdit

  • It is recommended to put your hero and healers (if any) in the front row because its single target smash will always target the back row first.
  • Single target heals and resurrection skills become party skills making mercs like Oberon and Tethys very powerful healers.
  • Bleeds on the boss expire after its fourth attack. Wind Blade is an exception and expires after its second attack.


Boss Raid 1

Boss Raid status screen.

Prizes sent out depend on whether or not the boss is defeated.



Rank Beginner Expert Master Champion
1 5 Star Summon Stone + 80 Stars 5~6-Star Summon Stone + 80 Stars
2 4~5-Star Summon Stone + 60 Stars
3 4-Star Summon Stone + 30 Stars Same as 2nd
4 - 10 3-Star Summon Stone + 20 Stars 4-Star Summon Stone + 20 Stars
11 - 100 1 Star 15 Stars
101 - All 5 Stars
Staying Alive 5 Stars
Participation Normal Gem Box Bright Gem Box Grand Gem Box

Beginner Class:

Expert Class:

Master Class:

Champion Class:



Rank Beginner Expert Master Champion
1 2-Star Summon Stone 2~4-Star Summon Stone
2 - 10 1-Star Summon Stone 2-Star Summon Stone
11 - All Gold Box 20 Gold Box 300

Beginner Class:

Expert Class:

Master Class:

Champion Class:


Boss Raid (Korean version)01:30

Boss Raid (Korean version)

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