Note: This page will not be regularly updated and is, in fact, currently outdated. The lists do not account for skill levels which were added in a recent update.

Ranking mercenaries is very subjective -- some mercs are terrible when alone, but amazing when in the right team. Please don't refer to this list as a strict guideline as to who you should use. Even if you throw the top 5 together, it doesn't mean you have a great team.

Just because someone is ranked lower than another, it does not mean the mercenary has no place in a team.

Determining Rating

Mercenaries are ranked based on the following criteria:

  • Stats and skills
  • Usefulness (heals, damage, utility, etc.)

Unranked Mercenaries

  • Unreleased mercenaries are not ranked, since we don't have enough information on them.
  • In most cases, only the final form of a mercenary evolution chain will be ranked.
    • Lucia and Black Lucia are both ranked, since they're drastically different.
    • Although the Mocos don't evolve, only Mocomoco is ranked in the Special Tier List.

Tier Lists

  • You can switch between tabs by clicking on them.
  • If available, you can click on [Expand] to see some reasoning as to why a mercenary is in the place that it is.
  • In every tab aside from the Overall tab, mercenaries are ranked by the order they appear.

All mercenaries in each tier listed below are considered equal and are listed in alphabetical order (except in the Moco tier).

  • "Stuck Inbetween" Tier
    • Mercenaries in this tier are a mix of the "Pick Me!!" and "Almost There" tiers. All of these mercenaries are great, but it's hard to classify them as being better than one another.
    • Crause
    • Lucia
    • Oberon
    • Tethys
  • "Wishful Thinking" Tier
    • Mercenaries in this tier are lackluster in some way -- whether because of its stats, its skills, or its lack of a niche in an end-game setting.
    • Aero
    • Dark Mage
    • Gracha
    • Invisible
    • Yuna

Jin Bliss
  • Aside from HP, DEF, and MOV, stats are higher than Gate Ell's.
    • HP is lower by 148, DEF by 76, and MOV by 77.
    • SP is higher by 44, STR by 93, INT by 35, and AGI by 137.
  • Berserker Soul and Attack Stance increases Jin Bliss' already-high STR even more, and Vritra's Eye increases the chance of dealing critical damage.
  • Max Impact ignores DEF and affects one row of enemies, and deals additional damage if the target(s) is/are bleeding.
    • In comparison, Gate Ell's Gugnire does more damage, but does not ignore DEF. Gugnire also costs 20 SP more than Max Impact.
Gate Ell
Violet Miranda
Gelo Bluet
  • In comparison to Jin Bliss and Gate Ell: skills are rather lackluster -- only Shout really stands out. Stats are also sub-par (excluding STR and MOV).
  • High STR and Shout make Gelo Bluet a powerful auto-attacker.
  • Agile Wings only affects the caster, so it doesn't contribute much to a team.
Baron Astin
  • A pseudo-6* mercenary in terms of skills and stats.
  • Ranked above Mystery Hedge because of stats, and below Gelo Bluet for the same reason.
  • Devil Hand helps with survivability, while Bump Smash helps with damage output.
Mystery Hedge
  • Ranked above Hellhound because of Vritra Eye's general usefulness.
  • Bump Smash with Mystery Hedge's good base STR results in decent damage output without buffs.
Flame Beast
  • Ranked above Master Crow and Wild Harley because of Vritra's Eye and potential damage output.
  • Stats aren't that great.
    • With Berserker Soul active, a maxed Flame Beast would have around ~300 STR more than a maxed Mystery Hedge, but at the cost of falling behind Hedge's DEF by ~440. Already behind Hedge by 1.1k HP, this would make Flame Beast even more susceptible to death.
Master Crow
  • Ranked above Wild Harley because of stats.
    • Master Crow has 802 HP, 27 SP, 381 STR, 206 INT, 114 DEF, 113 AGI, and 18 MOV over Wild Harley.
    • Attack Stance increases the STR gap a little bit more.
  • Skill-wise, Master Crow doesn't really contribute much.
Wild Harley
Veteran Fighter
  • Main purpose is to be used as an evolution material, but stats and skills aren't that bad.
  • Really needs her evolution to compete with the other attackers.
  • Stats are poor.
  • Only real use for her would be Vital Strike to set up for other units that can take advantage of bleed.

Steam Sympagis
  • Great stats.
  • Steam Sympagis' skills are great for a main tank.
Enoch Ciel
  • Ranked above Luke Blitz and Axel Storm due to Provoke, but if damage is preferred, go with Axel Storm.
Axel Storm
  • Nice CC and damage, but not an amazing skill-set for a tank.
  • Good as an off-tank.
Luke Blitz
  • Ranked high due to the party DEF buff.
  • No skills to draw aggro or block attacks.
  • Don't use Luke Blitz if you plan to play with A.I. mode without a healer or two.
  • Ranking can be interchanged with Maeve, Lizard Master, and Ogre King depending on what you're looking for.
  • Originally a 6-star mercenary in the Korean version.
    • Stats were probably adjusted to match other 5-star mercenaries in our version.
  • Good skill-set.
    • Vital Strike helps set up for teams that rely on bleeds.
    • Provoke draws aggro.
    • While under the effects of a defender burst, Thorn Shield can be used instead of Provoke.
    • Defense Stance gives Chimera a boost if you plan to run two defenders.
Lizard Master
  • Ranked above Ogre King due to usage as a main tank, as well as having better stats.
  • Better stats than Maeve.
  • Useful if you want to win a war of attrition due to high HP/DEF and Nemesis Rage.
Ogre King
  • Good HP and DEF.
  • Provoke for drawing aggro.
  • Nergal's Call artificially increases Hercules' tankiness by reducing enemy damage.
Veteran Guard
  • Main purpose is to be used as an evolution material.
  • Ranked above Strange Box due to stats and tank-ish skills.
Strange Box
  • No actual skills for tanking.
  • Low stats.

Yuria Blaze
  • Rank is interchangeable with Deva depending on what you're looking for.
  • Very diverse skill-set.
    • Blaze deals damage to one row of enemies and reduces their ATK -- could be treated as an artificial DEF boost.
    • Arc of Ares increases the ATK of all allies and will help a team of powerhouses steam-roll opponents in both PVE and PVP.
    • Strike Shield could save Yuria Blaze from being stunned or silenced.
    • Attack Stance helps Yuria Blaze synergize more with attackers.
  • Rank is interchangeable with Yuria Blaze depending on what you're looking for.
  • Deva's skill-set makes for a great main healer.
Floria Elaine
  • More aggression and utility than Oberon and Tethys, but no Resurrection.
    • Only ranked higher than them due to diversity in skills.
  • Panacea affects all party members.
  • Hurricane can remove the target from battle.
  • Ranking interchangeable with Tethys depending on play-style.
    • If an aggressive play-style is preferred, Tethys may be the better choice.
    • If room for two healers is available on your team, pairing Oberon with another healer isn't a bad idea, since Oberon would benefit from Recovery Stance.
  • Sylph Prayer carries a low cost of 30 SP.
  • Resurrection is very useful in PVP.
  • Ranking interchangeable with Oberon depending on play-style.
    • If a defensive play-style is preferred, Oberon may be the better choice.
  • Skills are similar to Lucia's.
  • Resurrection is very useful in PVP.
  • Don't Find Me! could save your butt.
  • Ranked below Oberon and Tethys due to lack of Resurrection and stats.
  • Ranked above Medusa because Amaryllis can be used as a main healer.
  • Panacea affects all allies, albeit at a high SP cost.
  • Ranked above Edellia and Queen Bee due to stats.
  • No actual health recovery skill.
  • Decent as a support, but not meant to be used as a main healer.
Queen Bee
  • Rank is interchangeable with Edellia depending on what you need.
  • No actual health recovery skill.
  • Arc of Ares and Poison Cloud would be useful for teams lacking damage.
Veteran Priest
  • Main purpose is to be used as an evolution material.
  • Decent stats and skills if you want to use her as a healer.
Dark Priest
  • Here is a haiku:
  • Please don't use this as your main.
  • nonononono.

Lovely Ariette
  • Ranked highest due to her survivability and skills.
  • Good HP and DEF for a supporter, and oddly-high STR in exchange for INT.
  • Siren's Call can be crippling in PVP when used against healer-heavy teams.
  • Will to Survive further increases Lovely Ariette's DEF.
  • Since most teams incorporate an attacker-type into it, Lovely Ariette will benefit from Attack Stance.
Kaine Zenon
  • Rank is interchangeable with Belita Rose.
  • Ranked above Dark Lord due to stats (higher survivability), and utility.
  • Frog is extremely useful when faced against a wall of tanks, assuming it works.
  • Spirit Protect provides a great DEF boost, albeit to random allies.
Belita Rose
Dark Lord
  • Ranked above the others due to stats.
  • Hurricane can remove its target from battle. In PVP, leaders can be removed by Hurricane, resulting in an instant loss.
  • Mad Ray already deals high damage, but Fighting Will and a high INT stat will increase it even further.
Death Worm
Jack O'Lantern
Frog Leader
Ace Crow Archer
  • Good stats, lackluster skills.
  • Abracadabra could be useful if you're lucky.
  • It's cute.
Dark Mage
Veteran Ranger
Veteran Mage
  • Main purpose is to be used as an evolution material.

Black Lucia
  • Ranked above Mother M mainly due to how diverse Black Lucia is.
  • Heavy single-target attack, party heal, and party crit buff are all very useful in a team.
  • Gaia Blessing paired with Recovery Stance means you could replace the need for a healer with Black Lucia and increase your damage output.
  • Aside from HP, stats are amazing -- she boasts extremely high INT, increasing the effectiveness of her heal and the damage of Star Dust.
    • Her health is pretty abysmal for a 6-star mercenary, though.
Mother M
  • Good skillset: party MOV buff, row poison, single-target stun, and an effect on death.
  • Ranked above Yuna only because she doesn't shine enough to be placed above Gracha.
  • Useful for beginners and at a low cost.
  • Low stats in comparison to higher-ranked mercenaries.
    • Even with Will to Survive active, her DEF would still be lower than a maxed Gracha.
    • Low HP and DEF paired with Friendship Oath increases Yuna's death rate. While the passive may be useful in earlier stages, it reduces Yuna to nothing more than a one-turn meat shield later on.
Death Cocona

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