Patch NotesEdit


Merc Stat Organization

Preview of the merc stat organization.


  • Merc Stat organization.
    • All stats except HP have been renamed and put into two categories (ATTACK and SKILL).
      • ATTACK stats deal with auto-attacks. STR has been renamed to ATK POWER. MOV has been renamed to ATK SPEED. DEF has been renamed to ATK DEF.
      • SKILL stats deal with skills. INT has been renamed to SKILL POWER. SP has been renamed to SKILL SPEED. RES has been renamed to SKILL DEF.
  • Special Burst damage reduced from 140 Skill Damage to 120.
  • You can now toggle AI for auto-attacks (M Auto) and skill moves (S Auto) separately.


  • Star Recruit notices now say Premium Recruit instead. Pirate mercenary notices now say Limited Recruit instead.


  • Source
  • Italic text posts are unannounced changes reported by our community.
  • Game Version: 2.0.2

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