Patch NotesEdit


  • Christmas Dungeon added - N.B.C. (Night Before Christmas)
    • Beginner 25% chance to get Sleigh Bell (3 AP)
    • Master 35% chance to get Sleigh Bell (10 AP)
    • Champion 100% chance to get Sleigh Bell (30 AP)
    • Drop item: Nichol Soul, Noela Soul, Sleigh Bell
    • Dungeon can be entered 15 times per day and recharged with stars.
  • Winter effects added to the Main screen.
  • Number of Vouchers now displayed in Recruit window.
  • Poison, Stun, and Bleed effect visual changed.


  • New Limited-Time 5-Star Mercs Nichol and Noela added. Get them with Sleigh Bells before the event ends!
  • Lasagna Freischutz and Devil Ogre released into the Star Recruit pool. (Evolution will be unlocked later)


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