Patch NotesEdit


  • A new instance of 10 Days of Brave Brigade has begun.
  • New Hero added: Lori!
  • All Secret stages reward a Random 1~3 star box drop (100%) - once per day per secret dungeon.
  • Weather effect for all secret stages
  • Monthly Card added in Star shop
    • Stars are given daily when purchasing Monthly card (only if you login)
      • Star 600 = 20 * 30 days
      • Star 900 = 30 * 30 days
      • Star 1800 = 60 * 30 days
  • Mercs dismiss instantly.
  • Targeting effect change.
  • Long distance/ Short distance icon added (the little icon next to merc type will show a bow or sword).

Drop and Capture RateEdit

  • Drop rate system fixed.


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  • Italic text posts are unannounced changes reported by our community.

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