Patch NotesEdit



  • Short-distance attack merc attacks front row 100%.
  • Long-distance attack merc attacks back row 100%.
  • "Provoke" type skill have effect of attacking a single opponent 100% (including normal attack).
  • Low HP mercs are free from Provoke skill.

Drop and Capture RateEdit

  • The max star ranking of a merc obtained through capture is 2.
  • Named mercs are no longer obtained through the Secret Stages dungeons.
  • No dropping of Alexander's Power in battlefield.
  • Alexander's Power price changed to 3 stars in shop.


Macroix, David, Damian, and Slime King can be obtained in the Alternating Stages.


  • Bug Fixes.


  • Skill highlighting effect added (Merc's skill gets highlighted when used for focus).
  • Quests have been merged with Achievements.


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