Halloween is coming to Brave Brigade! The Shadow of Death looms over us all and only the bravest of Crusaders will be able to challenge Death's will! Starting 10/22 through 10/31, log in each day to receive a Specter Soul! Collect all 10 Specter Souls to evolve them into the Specter merc! Do not miss this opportunity to obtain this rare and exclusive mercenary!

Here is how the event will work:

You log in each day to receive a Specter Soul. Specter Souls can be leveled up by evolving them with other Specter Souls. When your soul reaches level 10 it become the 4-star merc Specter! Make sure you evolve the SAME Specter Soul each day or it will not reach level 10 and evolve to Specter.


Shadow of Death

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