Patch NotesEdit


  • The cooldown timer for using friends has been reduced to 2 hours.
  • Facebook Connect is now available.
    • Visit the Star Shop and press "Like" to receive 30 Star Crystals!
    • You can now invite friends via Facebook, and view your Facebook friends in their own friend list!
  • Starter Pack was added.
    • To purchase the Starter Pack, click the banner in the main menu.
    • If the banner is not visible, please check for an update via the Google Play Store.
    • The Starter Pack costs 2.99 USD and can only be purchased once.
    • The Abandoned Girl stage now stays open for 2 hours instead of 1.



Bug FixesEdit

  • Arena LP loss has been removed -- you will no longer lose LP when you die in the Arena.
  • Miranda can now evolve into Violet Miranda properly.
  • Harley can now evolve into Wild Harley properly.
    • Harley's max level has been changed to 60, allowing her to evolve.
    • Evolution materials have been changed. She now requires:

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